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About Us / Reinventing Fun Through Technology

Tic Tech Toe is a leading interactive multimedia solutions specialist that boasts access to new and emerging technologies. We are known for the innovative solutions and our abilities to offer customised technologies according to our clients’ requirements.

Uniquely, we unite our clients with their audiences through digital engagements and live experiences, to create deliverables that attract, connect and engage the audience in a fun and rewarding way.

Our key mission is to bring experiences to life and make interactive technologies accessible to everyone, and our vision sees us striving to become a leader for delivering meaningful interactive experiences and solutions.

What we offer our clients:

Our proprietary ready-made solutions can be easily implemented from start to finish according to the requirement. We also work with third party solutions that can be easily deployed to fit clients’ needs.

Need a custom marketing solution for your next interactive promotion or event? We are known for the innovative solution and our abilities to offer customised solution to our clients as required.

We understand the need to create brand awareness and anonymity for your marketing activations. With our in-house integration capabilities, we are able to elevate your brand to a higher level of awareness by offering your own private-labeled experience to the consumers.

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If you are from an event company, agency or a brand marketer, get in touch with us for a quote or talk to us and find out how our solutions could come in handy for you.

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